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Pt. 3 Creating a B Story and Hitting a Meaningful Climax

This is the third part of the “Finding Balance in Storytelling” presentation originally given at Fyrecon 2, June 23rd at Weber State University Davis. Here are handy links to the other parts – Pt. 1 Why is too much action … Continue reading

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April is Poetry Month

I don’t know why we do it, assigning commemorative days and weeks and whole months to different ideas. It’s a strange phenomenon. It is as if those things don’t have enough of a voice, that we must draw extra attention … Continue reading

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

My fellow fantasy blogging friend Christina Hawthorn asked me to join the writing process blog tour and I’d like to thank her for this terrific opportunity. Blog tours are such a treat and I love meeting new bloggers and readers.  Christina … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion

Today I’m promoting my other blog – Jodi L. Milner, Author.  I’ve been working on it for the past year, posting creative nonfiction, serial fiction, and my quips about life.  Sadly, it hasn’t received hardly any notice and only a … Continue reading

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Creating a Fictional Government

Fantasy novels almost always have some dealings with the laws of the land.  Most of the time the main character is either upholding them or doing their best to break them.  For fantasy writers out there this means that there … Continue reading

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Weekly Review #19

Don’t check your calendar, it’s Saturday.  Again.  Another week has rolled around and slipped away.  We have been at war all week with the meter high weeds growing in yet to be landscaped clay slate of our back yard.  It’s … Continue reading

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100th Post!

Instead of the standard Wednesday language usage lesson we are going to celebrate instead.  I didn’t think anyone would mind TOO much.  My Literary Quest has reached a major milestone – the 100th post! As per tradition here are the … Continue reading

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Where the Hell is matt?

It’s Monday motivation time! In 2006, a YouTube video of a guy doing a funny little dance all around the world went viral and caught the attention of Stride gum.  With their support, in 2008 he created a bigger and … Continue reading

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The Ellipsis . . . Demystified

I most often I see the ellipsis (that’s the “. . .”) used as a way to add a dramatic pause in writing, especially in dialogue; or trailing at the end of a sentence to show an unfinished thought.  When … Continue reading

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The Comma, Clarified.

I could spend a very long time to write in my own words what so many people have already written about comma usage.  In fact, I just spent an hour trying to do just that, which was far more than … Continue reading

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