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The Anatomy of an Airship

Lately I’ve had a huge interest in steampunk and a huge part of steampunk is airships.  Today we shall learn all about the parts of an airship. It’s been a while since I’ve done a glossary post so here it … Continue reading

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Shameless Self Promotion

Today I’m promoting my other blog – Jodi L. Milner, Author.  I’ve been working on it for the past year, posting creative nonfiction, serial fiction, and my quips about life.  Sadly, it hasn’t received hardly any notice and only a … Continue reading

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Orson Scott Card’s “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy”

Although it say’s it’s for writers of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve found enough gems inside this book that it’s worth sharing with all my fellow writers.  Orson Scott Card, author of the award winning “Ender’s Game” and many other … Continue reading

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5 Cool Places to Find Writing Inspiration Online

This last week I finally finished the second draft of my book and am now taking a much needed break away from that story.  After a few weeks I’ll have the perspective I need to be able to edit and … Continue reading

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Podcasts for Writers

Let’s face it, not everyone can attend the various writing conferences and lectures that they would like too.  Either they are too costly or too time consuming.  However, when seeking out interesting and informative lectures and presentations you just can’t … Continue reading

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Medieval Arms and Armor 101

Instead of a lengthy post trying to rehash all of the terrific information about Medieval arms and armor,  I will humbly redirect all those interested to this article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It covers more than just terminology but important details such … Continue reading

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Investing in a Good Book

This Christmas I received a happy little gift card to one of my local bookstores.  With that gift card came a huge decision – to splurge on a new juicy piece of fiction or … to acquire a popular reference book recommended … Continue reading

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Things that Inspire – Pinterest

The digital world is full of different ways to share and communicate with friends, family, and complete strangers.  My newest favorite way to explore new ideas is through Pinterest, one of the new kids in social networking. In a nutshell, … Continue reading

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Like any craft, writing has its own unique set of required skills.  If I was to ask my fellow writing buddies what the most essential skill for writing is they would most likely list things like plotting, story arcs, character … Continue reading

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ANWA 2011 Workshop Review

It’s official – I’ve survived my first writer’s conference in one piece and now I’m pumped to jump back into my novel, get it done, and start querying. Since there was so much great material to share from the conference … Continue reading

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