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The Editing List – 10 Things You’d Better Do Before Submitting Your Work

If you are in the writing business, you are submitting your work all sorts of interesting places. Perhaps you are sending a story to a contest or a magazine. Maybe you’ve written an article for a local newspaper.  For most … Continue reading

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“Dialogue punctuation?” he asked, “But why?”

It is Wednesday and we are returning to Grammarland: the magical place of punctuation rules, tips on language usage, and other useful tools for writers.  Today we are reviewing correct dialogue punctuation. First, the anatomy a dialogue sentence: “You are … Continue reading

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Adding Emphasis with the Exclamation Mark!

Ah, the overused exclamation mark.  It peppers our papers and blogs in a desperate attempt to inject emphasis, often needlessly.  It is used as additional insurance for a writer, making sure that emphatic statements are noticed.  The difference between an … Continue reading

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The Ellipsis . . . Demystified

I most often I see the ellipsis (that’s the “. . .”) used as a way to add a dramatic pause in writing, especially in dialogue; or trailing at the end of a sentence to show an unfinished thought.  When … Continue reading

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