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Sometimes Opposites Do Attract

I’ve had a little song stuck in my head for the last few weeks and although it’s catchy I’m beginning to get annoyed.  I wish I could say that it was by one of my favorite artists but the truth … Continue reading

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So you want to write a novel?

A big thanks to Rik over at Uphill Writing for featuring this brilliant little clip on his blog.  It captures what many non-writers think about the novel writing industry in a funny, intelligent way that will tickle anyone’s funny bone.  … Continue reading

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El Tango de Roxanne

Timeless movies are the fruits of master storytelling.  Consider the movie Moulin Rouge which takes the traditional tragic romance to new heights using rich visuals, great music, and subtle (and not so subtle) foreshadowing. Here’s the basic story: Christian, a … Continue reading

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Did you know?

Technology and writing go hand and hand.  We can see it in the way we acquire new information and how we transfer the ideas from our heads to our readers hands.   Nowadays if we need to know something we … Continue reading

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Always Look on the Bright Side

Sometimes life gets us down and we start fixating on all the things that aren’t going right.  Maybe it’s a dead end job or a problem at home.  Maybe it’s financial troubles.  Maybe it’s that feeling that you are not … Continue reading

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Eric Whitacre Virtual Choir

It is motivational music Monday.  Today, I’m excited to present the Eric Whitacre virtual choir.  This choir consists of hundreds of people from twelve different countries all working together to create a piece of breathtaking music called Lux Aurumque.  Without … Continue reading

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Where the Hell is matt?

It’s Monday motivation time! In 2006, a YouTube video of a guy doing a funny little dance all around the world went viral and caught the attention of Stride gum.  With their support, in 2008 he created a bigger and … Continue reading

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YouTube Clip: Lost Generation

It’s Monday motivation time!  This week’s clip was the second place winner in the “AARP U @ 50” contest and has generated lots of buzz around the internet.  The contest asked for short videos from people between 18 and 30 … Continue reading

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“The Witch Aria” from BBC’s Merlin

It’s Monday, which means I shall treat you all to some musical motivation. This video is from the first episode of BBC’s television series “Merlin.” The vocalist is Emma Brain-Gabbott, the actress the talented Eve Myles (who runs a nifty … Continue reading

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Emotional Impact

This amazing public service announcement has circulated around in the blogosphere and in email.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here is your chance to be amazed and touched. I recommend watching with the sound up or even better, with … Continue reading

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