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The Art of the Short Story with Paul Genesse

This month I attended a lecture presented by the animated and hilarious Paul Genesse, editor of the Crimson Pact Anthology series and author of the Iron Dragon series.  In this lecture we learned the ins and outs of how to … Continue reading

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Submitting to Literary Magazines

It’s strange to return to blogging after taking a month off.  November was crazy, filled with family, birthdays,  and Thanksgiving.  My goal for finishing a complete edit of my manuscript changed to finishing the first 50,000 words worth, then changed again … Continue reading

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5 Cool Places to Find Writing Inspiration Online

This last week I finally finished the second draft of my book and am now taking a much needed break away from that story.  After a few weeks I’ll have the perspective I need to be able to edit and … Continue reading

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Rejection and Acceptance

This week marks an important milestone, I received my first rejection letter. It wasn’t for my book, but for a short story that I sent in for Writers of the Future.  The contest is probably one of the largest out … Continue reading

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Fiction Friday: The Music of Heaven

Happy Friday everyone!  Need something to read?  Head on over to the other blog to check out my latest piece of short fiction: Fiction Friday: The Music of Heaven. Let me know what you think!

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5 Things to Consider When Marketing Your Work

If you ever watch commercials then you have seen that companies will do anything to get a consumer’s attention.  They aim to make an emotional and often irrational connection between you and their product.  Laundry soap no longer just gets … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise: Without any “E”

Heather over at RapturedHeart has inspired me to try something new and indeed a challenge.  She was inspired by this Plinky prompt: Write a one hundred word story without using the letter “E.” Historically this idea isn’t new.  The stories … Continue reading

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A Writer’s Voice, Pt. 2

To read part one, click here. Today we will discuss the less tangible aspect of a writer’s voice –  what makes your writing distinct from other writers.  This is a far more difficult task than yesterday’s technical discussion.  Describing the … Continue reading

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Contest: NPR Three Minute Fiction

As a loyal NPR listener I couldn’t let this one fall by the wayside; it sounds like too much fun to miss.  The program “All Things Considered” has started holding a flash fiction contest.  Each month has a different judge … Continue reading

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Weekly Review #8

Yet another week come and gone.  I spent most of this week enjoying a head cold and a nasty spring snow storm; needless to say, not ideal creative environment.  The manuscript didn’t see as much progress as I would have … Continue reading

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