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The 5 Shalts and Shalt Nots of Book Trailers

Five years ago it was unheard of to use a book trailer to attract readers.  Today, it seems like new books are required to have one just to keep up with the market.  To me, using a video to sell … Continue reading

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21 Best Selling Books of all Time

Many writers wonder how many copies of their book they have to sell to reach superstar status.  If this list shows anything, it shows that selling hundreds of millions of copies of a book has more to do with it … Continue reading

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You know you’re a writer when…

Something simple and funny for a Monday morning. You know you’re a writer when… 1. The keys of your trusty keyboard are beginning to wear off. (I no longer have an “L” or “S”) 2. You can’t remember if the … Continue reading

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Quickly Quotable #40 – 2010 Review

Back in March of this year Sunday became quote day here at My Literary Quest.  In the beginning it featured a single quote loosely related to writing.  In July it switched to feature a single artist or theme and their … Continue reading

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BBC’s 100 Book List

I’d first like to thank Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way for posting the BBC book list. The BBC list was created in 2003 after a poll of their readers/listeners favorite books. The rumor circulated on Facebook was that the … Continue reading

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Milestone Post – #200!

What a wild and crazy ride it has been from last January when I started this blog to now.   Since I’ve slowed my posting schedule it has taken a long time to get to the 200th post but the ride … Continue reading

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Creating a Fictional Government

Fantasy novels almost always have some dealings with the laws of the land.  Most of the time the main character is either upholding them or doing their best to break them.  For fantasy writers out there this means that there … Continue reading

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Before I knew better…

In January of this year I wrote a lengthy post called, “Writing a Fantasy Novel: The Basic Steps”.  Looking back I can see how naïve and pretentious I was then compared to now.  At the time, I was still ankle-deep … Continue reading

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The Art of Finishing

I hope that I’m the only one who struggles to find the perfect way to end a chapter.  If I’m right then all you lovely people will jump to my rescue and teach me the trick.  It’s not just ending … Continue reading

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Beautiful Blogger – Who me?

Yay, happy day!  A dear reader likes me and has given me this lovely badge.  It comes from Scattered Rayn over at All Roads Lead to Roam.  Wow, does everyone have a hard time coming up with things to say … Continue reading

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