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Leave the 180s For Thrill Seekers

In skateboarding and other sports when someone jumps and turns in the air so that the opposite foot is forward, it is called a 180.  It’s a fun stunt and looks cool.  A 180, meaning 180 degrees, comes from the degrees … Continue reading

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Character Studies with Downton Abbey

As with most trends, I’m several years late in joining the Downton Abbey fandom.  That said I’ve been watching an episode a night for the past month and playing a wonderful game of catch up, and enjoying every minute.  It … Continue reading

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From Love to Hate – The 7 Levels

While working on the manuscript I started to think about different levels of attraction in terms of what was emotionally required.  I created this chart, which, although far from accurate in the academic/psychological sense, illustrates the seven major stopping points. … Continue reading


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Movie Review: Alice in Wonderland

[Caution,  SPOILERS!] In preparing for this post I brushed up on my limited knowledge of the two Alice books, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.”  This Tim Burton film isn’t either story, but a collection of concepts from … Continue reading

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The End of the World!

It SNOWED yesterday morning.  Again.  This is officially the latest snow ever on record in the Salt Lake Valley.  May I remind nature and the powers that be that it is the end of May, not Winter. My pathetic excuse … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

When we create characters, some pop fully formed onto the pages. Others have to be dragged into existence kicking and screaming.  Chances are if you are writing fantasy you will need to create a name.  This name must represent that … Continue reading

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The Brain in Love

After my overly heavy post “The Psychology of Evil” covering material presented by Philip Zimbardo at the 2008 TED lectures,  I’ve chosen a much lighter topic – romantic love.  Now before you all start gagging and clicking away  I’ll have … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Evil

I listened to a TED lecture yesterday entitled “Philip Zimbardo on the Psychology of Evil”.  As I was listening I realized that this would be brilliant material to bring here and apply to the creation of new characters. According to … Continue reading

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Action vs. Reaction

Every little thing we do is either an action we have chosen or a reaction to an event or situation.  EVERYTHING.  When we choose to act we are in control, when we are forced to react we are not.  Our … Continue reading

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Writing Journal Jan 18

I made my scrawny quota in record time this morning before the kiddos woke up. 1,000 words in 45 minutes. While on vacation last week I started thinking that I needed a different start and came up with an alternate … Continue reading

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