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Interview with Scott E. Tarbet

Welcome Scott E. Tarbet to My Literary Quest! I’m glad to have you here and looking forward to hearing the wit and wisdom you have to share with my readers.  I got to know Scott through the editorial process of … Continue reading

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NaNo 2014 – Beating the Murky Middle

Saturday marks the halfway point for all you NaNo writers out there, that means you should be nearing or hopefully passing the 25,000 word mark in your new drafts.  It’s usually around now when the story starts falling apart and … Continue reading

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5 Things to Consider When Marketing Your Work

If you ever watch commercials then you have seen that companies will do anything to get a consumer’s attention.  They aim to make an emotional and often irrational connection between you and their product.  Laundry soap no longer just gets … Continue reading

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Interview: J. Cafesin

For this week’s Feature Friday I’m excited to present a terrific interview with the very talented J. Cafesin.   When it comes to writing she has done it all, from novels to copywriting.  On with the interview! What led you towards … Continue reading

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Blogging: Making First Impressions

In the blogosphere, it takes maybe five seconds to encourage readers to keep reading or to click away.  If your blog fails to capture the interest of your reader, chances are they won’t stick around.  Over the last few weeks … Continue reading

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Three Great Reasons to Write a Query Letter Early

Query Letter… The mere thought of those two words is enough to send many a novelist into cold sweats.  While most writers wait until they are ready to start seeking representation before tackling the beast, might I suggest a different … Continue reading

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Using Personal Space to Your Advantage

  Two weeks ago in the post “Using Stereotypes to your Advantage” we discussed how the careful use of widely accepted stereotypes can add flavor and personality to a scene without adding the bulk of excessive description.  Today we will … Continue reading

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5 Proven Ways to Waste Time Editing

Every free minute of these last two weeks have been filled with attempts to edit and flesh out my fantasy manuscript.  Needless to say I’ve paid much more attention to what is working and what has wasted my time.  And … Continue reading

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The Terrible Price We Pay

Before I could drive, my mother would take me to the library to pick out a stack of books for the week.  During the short drive home it was almost impossible to keep from opening the first and diving in.  … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo: False Starts

There are strong opinions out there about the right way to craft the beginning of a book.  Often what is written on the first few pages will make or break a book for a reader, agent, or publisher.  While I … Continue reading

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