My Books

TOAB frontThe Toll of Another Bell – Xchyler Publishing’s fantasy collection of the year.  In it, there are stories that range from whimsical alternative history to some truly hard hitting dark fantasy. My story, Breath, tells of Fauna, the Guardian of Souls, who has discovered a vast emptiness in her life and is emotionally paralysed until she can find a way to fill it. She seeks a solution from her brother Terran, the Guardian of Earth, who is reluctant to tell her because of its great cost. In the end he relents, changing history forever.

Release Date: January 31, 2015


In the works:
Stonebearers betrayal mockupStonebearer’s Betrayal
– The immortal Stonebearer Jarand seeks to escape the nightmares of his past; but when two men kidnap the girl he has sworn to protect he must risk that which he holds most dear to save her.  (Currently in revision, will seek representation soon!)

Stonebearer’s Apprentice – Sequel to Stonebearer’s Betrayal, Jarand must train his new apprentice in the face of overwhelming adversity. (In conception phase)

Stonebearer’s War – Exciting conclusion to the Stonebearer Series (In conception phase)

Amulet of the Nefertiti – 2010 NaNoWriMo novel (will stay locked in a drawer, forever)


  1. Good luck with your books. Writing and publishing can be lonely, but you have a beautiful site here and your books sound fascinating.

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