Published Works


Stonebearer’s Apprentice (Book #2 of the Shadow Barrier Trilogy)

Release date: June 12, 2020

No monster has ever set foot inside the stronghold of Amul Dun. Until now.

A traitor hides within its walls with orders to destroy Katira, her father, and the world they have sacrificed so much to save.

Wrothe is not as defeated as everyone believed. She plots her revenge even while banished to the other side of the shadow barrier.

Amul Dun’s only hope lies within a dying man’s last words.

Katira’s only hope lies in mastering the power of the Khandashii. Without guidance, it will kill her. Her apprenticeship tests not only her strength and courage, but her determination to do what is necessary as well.

If she fails to master her power she won’t be able to protect the people she’s come to love against Wrothe. She can’t let that happen, not again.

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Stonebearer’s Betrayal (Book #1 of the Shadow Barrier Trilogy)

Rereleased January 2, 2020 through Stone Orchid Press

Forbidden magic compelled Katira to live a lie, but learning the truth is far more dangerous than she ever dreamed.

When an innocent hunting trip turns into an attack, Katira’s world fractures. Her humble parents are actually legendary Stonebearers – immortal, powerful beings tasked with protecting the human world from creatures of the mirror realm.

Those cracks widen and shatter apart when the Archdemoness, Wrothe, escapes from her timeless prison and snatches Katira away, intending to use her as bait to destroy not only her family line, but the entire Stonebearer Society.

If Katira is to be made whole again, she must learn to trust the young stranger who’s trying to save her while finding the strength to accept not only her parents’ power, but her own.

Winner of the Quills 2019 Recommended Read

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Aer’Vicus, A Dragon and Her Girl (LTUE Benefit Anthologies Book 2)

Twenty fantasy adventure short stories all featuring dragons and their girls. Aer’Vicus is a story of magical connection between a dragon, its city, and a girl.

Released February 13, 2020

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Saffron Dragon, Wings of Change: Stories about Dragons

Wings of Change gathers tales of young dragons growing into their scales and claws, and human youths making choices that shape their destinies – destinies that will be forever changed by their interaction with the dragons that share their world. Saffron Dragon is a story about a girl who finds unlikely help from a dragon in her dreams

Release date: February 28, 2019

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The Clicker Clack Man, The Hunger, A Collection of Utah Horror


Brought to you by the amazing minds at Twisted Tree Press, The Hunger is a collection of gripping, dripping, and, well, horrifying tales and poems sure to chill your bones. Check out my poem, “The Clicker-Clack Man.”

Release Date: April 10, 2018

Available on Amazon

The Skull Collector, Speculative Quarterly International Magazine (SQ Mag) Edition 31

The Skull Collector is best described as a mash up between The Hunger Games and Moana and was shortlisted in SQ Mag’s yearly international contest.

Release date: June 12, 2017
Read for free – SQ Mag Edition 31

Music of Heaven, Summertime, Volume Two

The Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance 2016 anthology of that year’s contest winners. My flash fiction piece, The Music of Heaven, where celestial harmonics destroy the world, took 1st place.

Release date: February 9, 2017

Transdimentional Zombies – Immortal Works Flash Fiction Friday Youtube Storycast

A zombie researcher stumbles on a surprising discovery while exploring a graveyard.

Release date: Nov 18th, 2016
Listen to it here

Mundane Chores, Volatile When Mixed

The League of Utah Writers 2016 anthology of the 2015 Fall Conference writing contest winners. My flash fiction, Mundane Chores, is a “slice of life” piece about the frustrations and joys of a mother doing laundry around her toddler. Totally not inspired by real life, really. Ok, maybe a little bit. He’s still a cutie.

Release date: September 12, 2016


Breath, The Toll of Another Bell

Xchyler Publishing’s 2015 fantasy collection.  Breath, tells of Fauna, the Guardian of Souls, who realizes her life is without love. The solution changes history forever.

Release Date: January 31, 2015


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  1. Alethea Eason says:

    Good luck with your books. Writing and publishing can be lonely, but you have a beautiful site here and your books sound fascinating.

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