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The Attack of the To Do List

This week I’ve experimented with efficiency and making yet another desperate attempt to do more stuff with less time.  The lie that I keep telling myself is that I don’t have time to all the things that I would like … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of a Writer’s Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my editor gave to me, A deadline for all to see. On the second day of Christmas my editor gave to me, Two books to read.  On the third day of Christmas my editor … Continue reading

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What Type of Critique Partner are You?

If you are going to be a writer you are going to have to endure critique, whether you ask for it or not. There are several types of people who will give you feedback on your work and not all … Continue reading

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5 Cool Places to Find Writing Inspiration Online

This last week I finally finished the second draft of my book and am now taking a much needed break away from that story.  After a few weeks I’ll have the perspective I need to be able to edit and … Continue reading

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Being Flexible – The Next Best Thing to Being Regular

One of the most repeated bits of advice I’ve heard floating around the writing world is to create a schedule for your writing and then stick to it. Having a schedule and a fixed time dedicated to writing mean exactly … Continue reading

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Why do I write? and the “Seed of Light” Award

Lately there have been a lot of writers posting their declarations of why they write on their blogs and other social media.  Not to be one to shun trends, I think it’s a splendid idea to pin down the real … Continue reading

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Freelance Copywriting, a stab in the dark

This year I’ve decided that it’s time to start making a little cash with my writing. Seeing that more gratifying methods, such as selling something, anything, to the markets, are not proving effective, I’ve turned to the pinch penny world … Continue reading

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The Thirteenth Tale

For those of you who missed me yesterday and the rest of you who didn’t, be assured that I was not neglecting the blog.  Instead, I was pressed between the pages of this month’s book club selection, The Thirteenth Tale … Continue reading

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Like any craft, writing has its own unique set of required skills.  If I was to ask my fellow writing buddies what the most essential skill for writing is they would most likely list things like plotting, story arcs, character … Continue reading

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25 Words a Day

  A fellow writer friend of mine said something recently that caught my attention. She said, “I aim to write at least 25 words a day.  That way I’m not overwhelmed before I start and am far more likely to … Continue reading

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