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3D Modeling with Sketch Up 8

We are in the process of finishing the basement.  The part that excites me the most is that one of the rooms will be a dedicated office space.  My personal office space.  At the moment my work area is also … Continue reading

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Are you a Digital Hoarder?

Thanks to channels A&E and TLC,  the world is now familiar with the bizarre world of extreme hoarders.  We aren’t talking about a cluttered closet or perhaps a spare room that becomes a catchall for items that don’t have homes.  … Continue reading

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The Great Space Debate

Recently I was looking through submission guidelines on a site and stumbled across one that shocked me.  To be considered for this particular publication you must only use one space between sentences. ONE? When did this happen?!?  I’ve never heard … Continue reading

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Novel Writing Software – yWriter5

I have a system to keep my files organized for Mr. Manuscript.   I have a  master folder that holds all my projects on the desktop.  Inside that folder there are separate folders for each project.  Within each project folder there … Continue reading

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Did you know?

Technology and writing go hand and hand.  We can see it in the way we acquire new information and how we transfer the ideas from our heads to our readers hands.   Nowadays if we need to know something we … Continue reading

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Text 2.0 – A Brave New World of Reading

A new way of reading is coming and with it the potential of tipping the scale of public preference towards reading tablets, such as the Kindle, and away from the traditional book.  It’s called Text 2.0 and is the exciting … Continue reading

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