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Rejection and Acceptance

This week marks an important milestone, I received my first rejection letter. It wasn’t for my book, but for a short story that I sent in for Writers of the Future.  The contest is probably one of the largest out … Continue reading

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The Solitary Paradox of Novel Writing

The goal of novel writers is to get their work out into the world.  We want our work to be so compelling that the books fly off the shelves and our adoring public can’t wait for more.  We can’t wait … Continue reading

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Interview: J. Cafesin

For this week’s Feature Friday I’m excited to present a terrific interview with the very talented J. Cafesin.   When it comes to writing she has done it all, from novels to copywriting.  On with the interview! What led you towards … Continue reading

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NYT Best Seller Barry Eisler turns down $500,000 advance in favor of Self Publishing

That’s right,  Mr. Eisler was offered a whopping half million dollar advance for his book from a mainstream publisher, and he said no.  For all of us struggling writers out here in the real world the thought seems completely insane.  … Continue reading

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ANWA 2011 Class Review – Part 1

There were six sessions of classes during the Saturday classes, each block with two or three choices to attend.  I chose the classes that would help me the most with completing my novel and being ready to enter the world … Continue reading

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Interview with Boyd Lemon

It’s feature Friday!  Today I am delighted to introduce Boyd Lemon, world traveler and writer extraordinaire.  Boyd shares his writing at his blog, Boyd Lemon, Writer. Also, check out his Boomers and Seniors Travel Blog. His memoir, Digging Deep:  A … Continue reading

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Personal advice from a Pro

Back at the beginning of this year when I was finishing the rough draft of the manuscript and feeling very optimistic about finishing my first novel, I sent off an email to best-selling author Brandon Sanderson.  For those who don’t … Continue reading

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Am I Editing, Revising, or Rewriting? (via Cassandra Jade in the Realm)

The vacation is going splendid, the kids are having a terrific time and we’ve been able to do all the different fun things planned without a single tantrum! For the blog today I would like to share a post by … Continue reading

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