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Working with Reflexive Emotions

Yesterday morning I woke up tired, I’m not really a morning person to begin with but this was above and beyond your usual closet-variety tired.  This was the coming down with a cold, three nights of insomnia, sleep interrupted by … Continue reading

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The Art of the Short Story with Paul Genesse

This month I attended a lecture presented by the animated and hilarious Paul Genesse, editor of the Crimson Pact Anthology series and author of the Iron Dragon series.  In this lecture we learned the ins and outs of how to … Continue reading

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Odd Writer Terminology: Mawkish and Maudlin

This installment of Odd Writer Terminology is inspired by a recent David Farland Writing Tip about writing emotions. If you haven’t subscribed to his daily emails, I highly recommend it.  He provides insights not only into the vast writing universe, … Continue reading

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Writing Exercise: Change it up

Ever feel uninspired and stuck and the task of writing is no longer a pleasure but a chore?  This exercise is just for you. This is it: Go somewhere new to write That’s it.  That’s all there is.  We are … Continue reading

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Scene and Sequel – I finally get it!

I’ve heard the terms scene and sequel used together for the past few years and to be honest until recently I’ve been super confused about them.  I knew what a scene was, it’s that thing that happens in one place … Continue reading

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DP Challenge: Collecting Detail

This week the Daily Post Challenge caught my interest.  The prompt is to focus on the details and find three “glimmers of a beginning” to work into a paragraph.  Writers are urged to seek out the tiny details that might … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo 2012

For a brief period this year I debated with myself about participating in this year’s NaNoWriMo.  As with any debate there were the pros and cons of a month-long writing torture fest.   Should I sacrifice what little time I … Continue reading

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Guest Post: “An Editor’s Advice to a Young Writer” by Carole Waterhouse

I have a rare treat for Feature Friday today –  this post is the official kick off for the official print and ebook release of The Tapestry Baby by Carole Waterhouse!  To celebrate Carole is giving away free ebooks starting … Continue reading

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