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Grammarland: Apostrophe

Contrary to most of English, the apostrophe is a fairly easy lesson.  It only has two uses – just two – and they are 99% consistent.  Because it’s so easy you’d think that you would rarely see errors.  WRONG. I … Continue reading

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An Ode to Grammar Day! (In Verse)

Today is National Grammar Day, if you didn’t know it, that’s okay. Please don’t moan because this rhymes, I don’t do this all the time. Double check your “your” and “you’re”, Pretend you’re in the days of yore. Don’t forget … Continue reading

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Grammarland: Affect, Effect, and Affectation

  Despite the best intentions of english teachers everywhere, affect vs. effect still ends up on almost every single common grammar mistake list out there.  I should know, I mix them up nearly every time. The fact is, most normal … Continue reading

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Grammarland – The Comma Splice

After some soul searching, erm I mean blog searching, I discovered that it’s been way too long since I’ve tackled a grammar subject here at My Literary Quest.  Today we learn about the dreaded comma splice. Earlier this year I … Continue reading

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Insubordinate little devils, um I mean Clauses

As much as I would love this to be a awesome short story about rebel Santas (insubordinate clauses, get it? Oh forget it.), we’ re actually diving into that dense and unforgivable jungle that is Grammarland. Today’s Topic: Subordinate Clauses … Continue reading

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The Editing List – 10 Things You’d Better Do Before Submitting Your Work

If you are in the writing business, you are submitting your work all sorts of interesting places. Perhaps you are sending a story to a contest or a magazine. Maybe you’ve written an article for a local newspaper.  For most … Continue reading

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Grammarland: A Lot, Alot, Allot, and Shallots

Let us return to the mythical oasis of Grammarland where the magic water of words flows in abundance.  Ladies and gentlemen, I confess, I have a bad habit of typing “alot” when I’m not paying attention. No, not a lot … Continue reading

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Fablehaven: The Keys to the Demon Prison (Book #5)

I have finally finished the Fablehaven series.  Overall, I give it a 5 out of 10.  It’s readable but not as compelling as I would have hoped. A kid would think it’s great – lots of action and adventure.  As … Continue reading

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Another Reason Grammar is Important

Take a look at this picture and see if you can tell me what’s wrong. Catch it?  Yes, this carpeting store has made one of the lethal writing mistakes – confusing ‘to’ and ‘too.’  Many out there think writing rules … Continue reading

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The Great Space Debate

Recently I was looking through submission guidelines on a site and stumbled across one that shocked me.  To be considered for this particular publication you must only use one space between sentences. ONE? When did this happen?!?  I’ve never heard … Continue reading

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