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The Thirteenth Tale

For those of you who missed me yesterday and the rest of you who didn’t, be assured that I was not neglecting the blog.  Instead, I was pressed between the pages of this month’s book club selection, The Thirteenth Tale … Continue reading

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Juvenile Fiction where have you been all my life?

I happened to stumble on a section of my local library that I didn’t know existed, the juvenile fiction area.  This is fiction written for grade school kids who aren’t quite ready for full fledged chapter books but want a … Continue reading

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Here he is!

It is my joy to announce the safe arrival of Baby Daniel into the world.  He is the reason I’ve taken the several month-long break from blogging, and I might add a very cute one at that.  It still amazes … Continue reading

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NYT Best Seller Barry Eisler turns down $500,000 advance in favor of Self Publishing

That’s right,  Mr. Eisler was offered a whopping half million dollar advance for his book from a mainstream publisher, and he said no.  For all of us struggling writers out here in the real world the thought seems completely insane.  … Continue reading

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BBC’s 100 Book List

I’d first like to thank Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way for posting the BBC book list. The BBC list was created in 2003 after a poll of their readers/listeners favorite books. The rumor circulated on Facebook was that the … Continue reading

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Free and Legal Audiobooks!

For those of you with long commutes, joggers, or those planning a long car trip, nothing makes the time go faster than listening to a good old book on tape.   Growing up there were no DVD players in cars for … Continue reading

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Getting Back to Business

Back in January I started my quest to write the book that had floated around in my head since college.  About ten weeks later I held in my hands a very rough draft.  At that point I was pretty proud … Continue reading

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A Private “Do Nothing But Read Day”

The Official “Do Nothing But Read Day” was June 27th this year and I missed it by a month.   I wasn’t planning on participating because every time I sit on the couch with a book I get ambushed.  Something about … Continue reading

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Quickly Quotable #11 – Books

These are not books, lumps of lifeless paper, but minds alive on the shelves. From each of them goes out its own voice… and just as the touch of a button on our set will fill the room with music, … Continue reading

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Text 2.0 – A Brave New World of Reading

A new way of reading is coming and with it the potential of tipping the scale of public preference towards reading tablets, such as the Kindle, and away from the traditional book.  It’s called Text 2.0 and is the exciting … Continue reading

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