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Genre Talk: Steampunk

Goggles, gears and gadgets, watch work mechanisms and pneumatics, corsets and fancy hats. All these and more make up the steampunk genre. Traditionally, steampunk is centered around the beginnings of the industrial age.  Steampunk stories evoke feelings of wonder, discovery, … Continue reading

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Working with Reflexive Emotions

Yesterday morning I woke up tired, I’m not really a morning person to begin with but this was above and beyond your usual closet-variety tired.  This was the coming down with a cold, three nights of insomnia, sleep interrupted by … Continue reading

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Writerly Quote – Holly Gerth

“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little” – Holley Gerth When it comes to putting words on the page, finding the right ones that will engage the reader and make your story compelling … Continue reading

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Reading for Pleasure

We all have our favorite books, those stories that we just fall into and never get tired of.  They are the ones that call to us every few years to read again.  Sometimes it’s one specific book, sometimes it’s a … Continue reading

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One thing led to Another…

I’m a long time fan of the comedian Brian Regan and love his style and sarcasm.   Earlier this year we attended his show, “The Epitome of Hyperbole” and he did a routine about the phrase, “One thing led to … Continue reading

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My Writing Process Blog Tour

My fellow fantasy blogging friend Christina Hawthorn asked me to join the writing process blog tour and I’d like to thank her for this terrific opportunity. Blog tours are such a treat and I love meeting new bloggers and readers.  Christina … Continue reading

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Seven Point Story Structure, the Ninja of the Writing World

I had the chance to tune in to Dan Wells series of YouTube videos on seven point story structure and learned a lot about the finer points of its ins and outs.  It really is the ninja of the writing … Continue reading

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Insubordinate little devils, um I mean Clauses

As much as I would love this to be a awesome short story about rebel Santas (insubordinate clauses, get it? Oh forget it.), we’ re actually diving into that dense and unforgivable jungle that is Grammarland. Today’s Topic: Subordinate Clauses … Continue reading

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DP Challenge: Collecting Detail

This week the Daily Post Challenge caught my interest.  The prompt is to focus on the details and find three “glimmers of a beginning” to work into a paragraph.  Writers are urged to seek out the tiny details that might … Continue reading

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The 12 Days of a Writer’s Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my editor gave to me, A deadline for all to see. On the second day of Christmas my editor gave to me, Two books to read.  On the third day of Christmas my editor … Continue reading

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