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Editing is like dentistry

  I had my regular dental check-up last week and with it the dreaded cleaning.  Even though I take good care of my smile, the hygenist always finds something to scrape and poke.  It hurts and I hate it.  Every … Continue reading

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Writing Update (and a cute baby pic!)

This Summer has presented its own unique set of challenges when it comes to making progress in my current manuscript.  With the kids out of school and a baby to care for finding time to write was nearly impossible.  This … Continue reading

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Connotation vs. Denotation, or how to become your editor’s new BFF

I’ve made a liar out of myself already, promising a weekly post and then letting almost a month slip by without a word.  Fear not, in addition to growing a new human I’ve been working on projects that have needed … Continue reading

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Using Scene Cards in Revision

I’m taking a look at my NaNoWriMo 2011 novel Pendant of Nefertiti and seeing if there is anything I can salvage into a marketable product.  Instead, I am finding hoards of poorly developed ideas and missing scenes.  When preparing to … Continue reading

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5 Proven Ways to Waste Time Editing

Every free minute of these last two weeks have been filled with attempts to edit and flesh out my fantasy manuscript.  Needless to say I’ve paid much more attention to what is working and what has wasted my time.  And … Continue reading

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Allegra Goodman on the Vision of Revision

I received an email containing a Wall Street Journal article written by Allegra Goodman talking about revision and thought it was an excellent topic to share on a Monday Morning.  A hat tip goes to my lovely Aunt Dianne in … Continue reading

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The Art of Finishing

I hope that I’m the only one who struggles to find the perfect way to end a chapter.  If I’m right then all you lovely people will jump to my rescue and teach me the trick.  It’s not just ending … Continue reading

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Weekly Review #10

There wasn’t much to review this week.  The manuscript is making slow and steady progress and thanks to some fantastic critique (Rik and Nancy, you guys are great!) I’m getting a good feel on what I can do to take … Continue reading

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