Posted by: Jodi | October 15, 2010

Milestone Post – #200!

What a wild and crazy ride it has been from last January when I started this blog to now.   Since I’ve slowed my posting schedule it has taken a long time to get to the 200th post but the ride has been well worth it.

As per tradition here’s a recap of popular posts:

Top 5 Posts of all time:

The Evil Adverb – Thanks to the friendly people at Freshly Pressed this post was catapulted into a few days of fame.

Friday Fun: Paraprosdokian Phrases – I finally figured out that I come up second when the term “Paraprosdokian phrases” is googled.  It pays to use obscure words!

Writing exercise: The Alphabet – This exercise featured the word xenocide and a picture.  For weeks I was getting dozens of search hits a day.  Go figure.

Three Cups of Tea –  My guess is a couple hundred English classes made this required reading.  I’m sure my review was  oh so helpful,  not.

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague (Book #3) – My best guess is that this is a favorite for book  reports in elementary schools.  Since I was writing my review from a writing perspective I’m sure I didn’t have anything useful for them (or their parents) to use.

Bizarre Search Terms:

These are all real terms used at least once within the last seven days.  Unlike some of my beloved readers I don’t tend to get many zingers.

  • tomb raider belt
  • the last thing i want to do is hurt you
  • eat with fingers
  • so long and thanks for all the fish bomb
  • duck and giraffe
  • chonic ellipsis
  • list of paraprosdokians
  • my litarasy
  • is my an adverb
  • mystical pictures of fantasy
  • fantasy art creature reptile
  • humurous suggestions to make progress in

A big thanks to all of you out there in cyberworld – here’s to another fabulous 100 posts.  May I be sane enough to write them!



  1. The most bizarre search term that’s led someone to my blog so far is “penis vase sin” …

    I don’t know …

    Congrats on the milestone, just don’t ever stop 🙂

    • Not stopping anytime soon, it’s far too fun! I might slow down for NaNoWriMo but I’m hoping to pre-write a handful of posts to have ready for November when time runs short.

      As for your bizarre search – I think you win!

  2. It’s taking me a bit longer to reach there, too, but I congratulate you on your ongoing success.

    Go you 🙂

    • I’ll take quality over quantity anytime – thanks for the congrats, makes me smile.

  3. I’m jealous, with only 71 posts in 16 months of blogging. I too get a kick out of the search terms. I wrote posts last year about mink farming (a place I worked as a kid) and a toy robot my neighbor had called 2XL. To this day those 2 posts still get the most random traffic and the top search terms (although neither really has anything to do with my main blog topics) are “mink nutrition” and “2XL Robot”.

    • Go figure! How long were you in mink farming?

  4. Jodi
    I know something about your daily workload and circumstances, and I would say that reaching 200 posts in 9 months is no small feat. To me, what is more important is the quality of your posts, I don’t believe I’ve seen a single one that didn’t both empress me and drive me to comment.
    Keep it up! You’re doing things just right.

    • Thanks Rik,
      That means a lot to me. Hopefully we’ll both reach our next major milestone of finding representation for our manuscripts sometime in the next year. Not stopping anytime soon!

  5. Congrats, Jo!

    I love looking at the searches used to “find” my blog . . . but I’ve got nothing to surpass Cindy’s “penis vase sin” search.

    • Yep, she’s got the winner! Perhaps I should start including more obscure references and see what turns up. With your blogging volume and diverse topics I’m sure you’ve had a few winners too!

  6. It is a constant source of alarm that the most common search term that leads people to my blog is “how to poison someone” (298 searches so far in a bit less than two years. In this time only 15 searches have been for my name)

    • Hopefully they’re all writers ))

      • That’s what I hope too. If I ever hear on the news that someone has been killed after being tricked into opening an unripe ackee I will feel eternally guilty.

      • The one that says “the last thing I want to do is hurt you” I’ve gotten twice in the last week – what are the odds? What exactly is an unripe ackee?
        I guess I should do a search on your site and see!

  7. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

    Congratulations! I echo the comments that ask you to keep it up! Don’t stop! You have been a fountain of information, education, reminders, and entertainment since you started. I started my blog about a month after yours, and I exist in relative obscurity. I have received a few clicks from searchers, but none so good or intriguing as yours or Cin’s!

    Two hundred is an amazing number – especially when I consider that I have only 85 so far, and have been blogging only a month less than you! Wow! I thought all I did was write!

    Congrats, again, Jodi! Keep it up! If you hadn’t gotten one already, I’d give you the “You Rock” award! 😀

    • To be fair, you’re doing it one-handed.

    • Thanks! I still find it hard to believe that so many have chosen to read and like and comment on my posts – it’s like having a great group of friends from all over the world. In that aspect, all my readers deserve the “You Rock” award.

  8. That’s pretty impressive. I started my blog in April and have 82 posts. I’d be closer to you, but this darn job keeps me out of the house about 55 hours a week nowadays, if I count the commute. Seriously cuts into my blog time (but it pays a lot better).

    I’ve enjoyed your posts, especially the discussions about methods and techniques. The replies from all your readers are fascinating and insightful as well.

    I find it amusing that certain posts of mine keep getting hits to this day. The one I did on the Jesus statue getting hit by lightning still gets about 5 hits per week, and the one I did on the Icelandic volcano gets 1 or 2.

    My most ignored was the one I did on the oil spill. I guess people were overloaded.

    Wait, why am I posting all this here? I should save it for my 100th. But that would mean breaking character, and I don’t want to do that.

    • I’m sure you could spin it into a Palin zombie blog writer type article, perhaps. Might be a bit of a stretch… Be glad to get paid, being a blogging mommy doesn’t bring in any bacon.

      I have a great bunch of readers, don’t know if I would still be here if it weren’t for them!

  9. Well done. I love all the posts I have read on your blog and one day I plan to sit down and read every one of them.

    • I gotta say that’s got to be the greatest compliment a blogger could get! Thanks, you made my day!


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