Posted by: Jodi | June 21, 2010

Beautiful Blogger – Who me?

Yay, happy day!  A dear reader likes me and has given me this lovely badge.  It comes from Scattered Rayn over at All Roads Lead to Roam.  Wow, does everyone have a hard time coming up with things to say in their acceptance post?  A big thanks to Scattered Rayn, I took a few minutes to read through her posts and love her style.  I can’t wait to see more.  This is also a great chance for me to show my appreciation to some bloggers who have been supportive and wonderful to me in their own ways.  I’ve never received a blogger award before, this is all very exciting!

Drumroll please – here are the  ten bloggers that I feel deserve recognition.  They are free to pass this award on to ten of their favorite bloggers, but are in no way obligated.

  • Rik at Uphill Writing – Rik has gone out of his way to personally help bloggers and writers like myself be our very best.
  • Cindy at The Only Cin –  Her writing talent to transports the reader right into the story and enchants them with what they find.  Her work is beautiful to read.
  • Nancy at Global Mysteries – Posts fantastic factual tidbits inspired by her world travels.  It makes me crave a long journey to go out and see more of the world.
  • Paula at Reflections from a Cloudy Mirror – Paula generously shares both her humor and insights in her posts and fantastic comments. She always makes me smile.
  • Nancy at Spirit Lights the Way – Nancy shares advice on how to live a greener, happier, healthier life with a dash of humor and the occasional justified rant.
  • Geoffrey at Misanthropology 101 – Should get this for occasionally spotting the glaring grammar errors I let slip.  Also he writes delightful posts on the art of writing and life in general.
  • Lulu at Lingua Franca – Gives us all a taste of Indonesia.  Her delicious posts cover culture food and lots more.
  • Jennifer at Jennifer Neri – Jennifer and I share a lot in common, we both struggle with balancing life as a writer and being moms of young kids.  Jennifer shares her experiences with writing and favorite books.
  • Cassandra at Cassandra Jade in the Realm – For her posts about writing and the publishing process – a big congrats on her book Death’s Daughter, which was recently published!
  • Scott at A Writer’s BlogA fellow writer also in the writing trenches with his manuscript, I might have ruined his life with my adverb post.  I hope this makes it up to him!  He does good work over at his blog where he also posts about writing and the writing process.

Ten things about myself that you didn’t know:

  1. I am an adopted child, sometimes I think I might be part Vulcan – minus the ears.
  2. My personality is blue/white on the Hartman color code – meaning that I’m loyal and logical, but totally uncomfortable in the spotlight.
  3. Out of all my friends and family I am the most frugal.   I don’t like shopping and only go if forced.
  4. I love Asian food, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, you name it.  And yes, I love good sushi.
  5. Confrontation scares me more than spiders, heights, and public speaking.
  6. The Food Network is my friend, I spend more time watching it than anything else – unless you count kid’s shows.
  7. I’m a horrible perfectionist and often find myself avoiding a project because I know it won’t turn out ‘perfect.’
  8. Like many writers, I’m a bit of a hermit.  I like the quiet and comfort of my home, and there is always tons to do here.
  9. I worked as a Vet Tech before having kids but can’t have pets due to family allergies.
  10. My second toe is longer than the rest – I think that means I’m stubborn, but I already knew that!

A big thanks again to Scattered Rayn for this award and to all those bloggers out there who I admire.  For those who are missing the Motivational Monday post, I’ll do one tomorrow.  Promise.



  1. Congratulations, Jodi! You deserve the award. And thanks for the shout-out!

    • You deserve it also – you work harder at the craft than anyone I know.

  2. Hearty congratulations. Thanks for the honour you give me by the mention.

    As for your list, we have a LOT of things in common 🙂

    • It’s amazing how we can live worlds away and still share so much. I’m glad to give it to you!

  3. Congratulations. I look forward to checking out your list of bloggers over the next little while.

    Finally! Someone outside of my family with a second bigger toe 🙂 . If you have time, see:

    • Funny that you would stop by – I read your post a few weeks ago but didn’t have a chance to comment. Yay long toed people!

  4. You’re most welcome – thank me by keeping up the good work on your own blog, so I can have more great stuff to read!!!! *grins*

    • Can do and will do! Same goes for you – keep writing!

  5. Awesome post, Jo!

    You are a beautiful blogger, a wonderful writer, and a marvelous mom . . . but not in that order, unless your priorities are way out of whack. : )

    Loved your lists . . .

    Thanks for the shout out to me & other bloggers ~ way to share the spotlight (per personality trait #2).

    Thanks for sharing a bit more about YOU with US ~ much overlap between your list (#2 – #8) and mine. Except for the Sushi. I don’t do Sushi.

    • Yep, being a mom comes first. The other two help me survive it. Thanks for the compliment. Your post about our similarities is great!

  6. Oh thank you so much for the honour:-)
    This is a nice place to meet great bloggers like you

    • That’s one of the perks of blogging, meeting great people from all over the world who share similar passions. Keep up the good work!

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  8. […] And to my surprise, and my heartfelt gratitude for the appreciation a blogger has given me this Beautiful Blogger. […]

  9. Wow! You mentioned my blog! I just found out…I would have commented even sooner but I’ve been crawling around on the floor trying to locate all my “busted buttons!” *blush*

    Wish I could express to you how much I enjoy your blog…you inspire me to be more regular (does that make me sound like Jamie Lee Curtis? – and say! that’s a good idea: Activia for the writer – it regulates one’s mental digestion!). I also wish that I could tell you that the inspiration has been working for me blog-wise lately..but I think I’ll get right on it now…Activia just kicked in!

    • Love it! We all need a little mental Activa now and then. If I could look like Jamie Lee when I’m that age I would be more than happy with eating yogurt. Keep at it, I think you’re great!

      • Saw your comment about the “secret blog!” Guess I really stepped in it! 😀 Anyway, what I said (if I remember correctly) still goes! And, once again, thanks…

  10. What a lovely post and thanks for giving us an interesting list of blogs to check out. I have noted them in my list of ‘things to do on Sunday’ which sometimes gets so big I need a sixty-hour day.

    • I know the feeling. Hope you find a few that you like!

  11. Congratulations! Can relate to your allergies…most furry animals make me sneeze 🙂

    • The funny thing is I never had a problem until recently and only with cats, so far. I don’t mind not having animals too much, I’m not fond of dealing with poop.

      • I can relate, my sense of smell is VERY strong so no poop for me either so I am fine being pet free 🙂

      • I’ve just had a twilight zone moment…that Anonymous post is mine…I was logged in when I wrote it, but then, I think I clicked Logout by accident :-s

  12. Much obliged for the mention, and congrats on the award — we’d lost power to a storm, and this was a nice thing to find waiting for my return.

    • I’m happy to be able to share with fellow bloggers who do a great job, like you. Keep up the good work!

  13. What a wonderful compliment this award is! Thanks for mentioning me. By the way, my second toe is longer, too. Does this make us sisters.

    • Sure, The Sisterhood of the Long Toe! Not very euphonic is it? I’m glad to give you the mention, you deserve it.


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