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Name that Book Challenge #2

Today’s Name that Book Challenge comes from the required reading list for many schools.  These were selected from books I was personally subjected to during my formative years.  Two of the books are on my top 50 favorite  book list, … Continue reading

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My Interview with Emlyn Chand

Today instead of featuring an up and coming author I get to be featured in my own interview over at EmlynChand.com.  If you want to learn more of the nitty gritty about me go on over and check it out.  … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Is Coming!

Although it sounds like some sort of anime creature like Domo or Pikachu, NaNoWriMo is nothing of the sort.  National November Writing Month is a chance for writers to hold a writing marathon. The goal? To craft a 50,000 word … Continue reading

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Contest: NPR Three Minute Fiction

As a loyal NPR listener I couldn’t let this one fall by the wayside; it sounds like too much fun to miss.  The program “All Things Considered” has started holding a flash fiction contest.  Each month has a different judge … Continue reading

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Lost in the Blog Jungle

Ok, I have a confession to make.  I am lost in the great blog jungle armed only with my sharp wit and occasionally sharp tongue .  I’m sure with enough patience and lots of hours cruising around Mr. Web  I … Continue reading

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