Posted by: Jodi | January 25, 2010

Nightwish: Sleeping Sun

It’s a new week and a time to think about what needs to happen in the manuscript.  Some of my chapters just weren’t doing what  I wanted and so were rewritten last week.  In the rewriting process I made major changes and now I have to re-sequence the first 5 chapters to make it work, not to mention correct my ever-changing POV problem.   So I have that to face, eventually.  For this week I would like to bring the word count over 25,000 words and solidify the events that follow the climax so when I get around to writing it I can have all the elements thought through. Today’s quota was easy because my main character entered a new town.  Most of the writing was setting the scene for the town and it’s people.  I’m thinking 18th century European.

Been listening to a band called Nightwish off and on through this week – I love their song “Sleeping Sun”.  Check it out:



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