Posted by: Jodi | October 9, 2012

The Thirteenth Tale

Cover to the first edition

Cover to the first edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For those of you who missed me yesterday and the rest of you who didn’t, be assured that I was not neglecting the blog.  Instead, I was pressed between the pages of this month’s book club selection, The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.   The writing is rich, deep, and ornate to the extent where the world falls away while you read.  It’s not a page turner, but instead a banquet of description where each bite is to be savored.  I would recommend it to friends and especially fellow writers.

I say fellow writers because the main character is a writer by hobby who has been sought after for a most unusual task – the biography of the famous novelist Vera Winter.  As the story unfolds the reader is immersed into a place where the written word is cherished and where the characters are storytellers themselves.  One is a seeker of truth, the other believes a good story is far more comforting and desirable.

I won’t say more – I haven’t finished yet and I’m itching to get back!




  1. I loved this book! 🙂 🙂
    Gave it to a friend and she wasn’t as excited about it as I was–glad to hear someone else loves it !
    I’ve been checking since it was published, but it seems like the author has not yet released another book 😦

    • I can see how this book could turn off readers, the story progresses much slower than a standard contemporary fiction and at times delves into subject material that might make some readers squeamish. I double checked Diane Setterfield’s wikipedia entry and she hasn’t published another. This was her debut novel, and what a debut!

  2. I started reading it and loved it. Too bad it was due back the next week.
    I should borrow it again sometime

    • I agree! I read mine in three days so I could be done before my book club meeting. If I hadn’t had a deadline I would have spent far longer enjoying it.

  3. I just borrowed it from the library and am very excited to begin reading it. 🙂

    • Hope you like it – let us know what you think when you finish!

      • Definitely will!

  4. i read this book a while ago and LOVE IT!! I saved it in a special collection I have put away from when my daughter is old enough to read. I believe she will love it too.


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