Posted by: Jodi | December 18, 2013

DP Challenge: Collecting Detail

This week the Daily Post Challenge caught my interest.  The prompt is to focus on the details and find three “glimmers of a beginning” to work into a paragraph.  Writers are urged to seek out the tiny details that might otherwise be missed and jot them down and then share them.

I’ve posted before about the importance of collecting these little details and organizing them for use later, it’s one of the best tools in the writer’s toolbox.  Often these little ideas and details can turn themselves into entire stories.  I’ll share with you my paragraph for the challenge and you can be sure I’ll be checking out other blogs that have participated as well.

A velvety coat of snow has blanketed the world changing it to one clean slate of brightest white that pinches the eyes into narrow slits.  The ice glazing the sidewalk, formed by hundreds of children’s feet walking to and from school, reflects the turquoise sky.  The cold bites at the back of my throat and chills my teeth with each breath.  Baby D clings to my free hand, his over sized jacket flopped over his tiny fingers keeping them warm.   He lets his feet slip over the ice and giggles every time I must lift him up to keep him from falling.  If I were to let him decide we’d stay out in this wonderland for hours.


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  3. Sometimes is just takes one small, crisp detail to tell a lot of story and in a much more evocative way than if one relied on exposition. Thanks for the reminder. It’s all too easy to become caught up in plot points.

    • Sometimes I get so wrapped up in maintaining the story line that I forget add detail until much later in the editing process. Finding those special touches are my favorite part!

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