Posted by: Jodi | November 2, 2010

NaNoWriMo Day #1

The kickoff day for NaNoWriMo has passed and I managed to log 3,077 words on the new story.  Not bad for a first day.  The night before I could hardly sleep and when I did I had nightmares that I had somehow reached the end of the deadline and not started the project.  Some of the anxiety stems from not having a solid plan for the story, but that is a hurdle that I will have to jump when I reach it.

On a different note I finally did a print of my first manuscript today.  It came to just over 200 double spaced pages which for me is pretty mind blowing.  I plan to set it aside for all of November and some of December before tackling the big next phase edit.

Happy Writing, more NaNo updates to come!




  1. Good work, Jodi!
    I was on the road most of the day and didn’t get to write as much as I wanted, but the ideas are still flowing. I trust they are for you as well!

    • The initial flood of ideas is starting to wane now but I still have enough to keep moving forward. I’ve been enjoying the process and hope you have as well.

  2. You’re awesome, Jodi.

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo!

    • Thanks Heather! I’m expecting you to do it next year!

  3. Really nice Day 1 total. If you averaged that every day, taking Sundays off, you’d hit 80,000! Of course, that pace would kill the average mortal, and there are always snags, but it’s a nice first day.

    • Ain’t going to happen. The excitement of the first day has worn off and now I’m happy to just get my 2,000. I’m glad to have a bit of a buffer built in so in the likely case of a really bad day I’m still in a good position.

  4. My lack of planning for this Nano is causing a lot of neurotic weirdness, too. If only my last books edits didn’t take me up to October 27, I might have had more time for daydreaming to concoct a better full-proof plot.

    Oh well. Onward and upward, right? To the 30th and the 50k we should have by then.

    • I was doing the exact same thing! I wanted to have the revision of my manuscript finished before starting this new project. I ended up having to stop a few chapters before the end. Glad you finished yours!

      A toast to a new project!

  5. Good going! I’m interested to know how you’re going to tackle the not-having-a-solid-plan thing, because I’m in the same boat and am falling short of my 2000 words per day target.

    • So far I’ve had enough of a story to get me through the first few days, but I am worried that once I get past the point I have planned I’ll come up dry. I’m hoping that while I write I’ll come up with a few great ideas of what could happen in the story that will work.

  6. 3K is pretty impressive. Forget a plan and USE THE FORCE. You might surprise yourself.

    You may even come up with some material that is worth reshaping or lending to your other projects.

    • Yes the force is good, very good. Learning to trust it is another thing. Right now the force want me to take a deserved nap!

  7. Congratulations on completing a 200 page novel. Quite an accomplishment.

    • It was one of those surreal moments watching it roll out of my printer and being able to hold it. It is so far from complete right now that it’s laughable. Now using my printout I can start from the beginning and plow through to the end and fix all the continuity errors, conceptual changes, voice errors, etc…

  8. Good luck! 🙂

  9. Good luck on Nano! I’m about 2700 words into it.

    • Keep at it! Today is the 25% point.


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