Posted by: Jodi | June 7, 2010

I Gotta Feelin’ – Black Eye Peas

It is motivational Monday and do I have a treat for you!  Many of you know of my weakness for great music and dancing; today’s choice is a great mix of both.  I present the flash mob dance and live stage performance of the Black Eye Peas, commemorating the 24th season kickoff of the Oprah Winfrey Show.  The event took place in downtown Chicago, September 8, 2009.  Be sure to have the sound on and pay attention to the crowd.

I can’t help but feel happy watching these thousands of people unite and dance in unison.  If these people were all willing to invest their time and energy in a pursuit as unpractical and temporary as a flash mob dance, imagine what they could do if working towards a goal that would benefit the world.

With the coming of age of the internet as a  powerful communication tool we can link people together and create unheard of wonders.  We are starting to understand the power of unity. Here in blogworld we have created a virtual community of writers and poets, artists and thinkers.  We all have our talents and strengths to share with the world.  Our posts do not exist in a vacuum, they are read by and influence others.  Working together we are creating  ideas that shape the present and will form our future.

As writing community what wonders will we create today?

Happy Writing!



  1. Remarkable. I tried to see how they coordinated it, but I couldn’t catch it. Very cool indeed.

  2. Excellent post, Jo!

    Unity and love are the heart of creation.

  3. Great video.

  4. How inspiring 🙂

  5. Thanks for stopping by everyone!

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