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Medieval Arms and Armor 101

Instead of a lengthy post trying to rehash all of the terrific information about Medieval arms and armor,  I will humbly redirect all those interested to this article from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It covers more than just terminology but important details such … Continue reading

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Two weeks ago I had the chance to pitch my book, Stonebearer’s Betrayal, to a small publisher in my community.  Two of their editors were kind enough to visit my writing group, share their advice, and hear about the things … Continue reading

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“Life, the Universe, and Everything” Writing Conference

Last weekend I had the mind-blowing experience of attending the “Life, the Universe, and Everything” (LTUE) sci/fi fantasy writers conference.  Networking opportunities like these don’t come my way often and it’s great to be able to shake hands with some … Continue reading

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Freelance Copywriting, a stab in the dark

This year I’ve decided that it’s time to start making a little cash with my writing. Seeing that more gratifying methods, such as selling something, anything, to the markets, are not proving effective, I’ve turned to the pinch penny world … Continue reading

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The Thirteenth Tale

For those of you who missed me yesterday and the rest of you who didn’t, be assured that I was not neglecting the blog.  Instead, I was pressed between the pages of this month’s book club selection, The Thirteenth Tale … Continue reading

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The #1 Essential Writing Skill

Like any craft, writing has its own unique set of required skills.  If I was to ask my fellow writing buddies what the most essential skill for writing is they would most likely list things like plotting, story arcs, character … Continue reading

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25 Words a Day

  A fellow writer friend of mine said something recently that caught my attention. She said, “I aim to write at least 25 words a day.  That way I’m not overwhelmed before I start and am far more likely to … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Another Bad-Dog Book…” by Joni B. Cole

Earlier this year I had the chance to interview author and writing teacher Joni B. Cole about her book for writers, Toxic Feedback (click here if you missed it).  It received such a good response from readers here at My … Continue reading

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Connotation vs. Denotation, or how to become your editor’s new BFF

I’ve made a liar out of myself already, promising a weekly post and then letting almost a month slip by without a word.  Fear not, in addition to growing a new human I’ve been working on projects that have needed … Continue reading

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My results from the “Devil is in the Details” exercise

Last Friday I posted a writing exercise called “Devil is in the Details.”  In the spirit of fairness I will share with you what happened with my exercise.  This excerpt is from my current manuscript, “Stonebearer’s Betrayal” The door opened … Continue reading

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