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The Subtle (and not so subtle) Art of the Euphemism

It’s been a while since we’ve journeyed to Grammarland, that mythical place where language usage rules and parts of speech mingle.  Today we shall tackle the euphemism, that funny phrase either used or invented that refers to something entirely different, … Continue reading

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Fun Friday: The Portmanteau

We’ve all heard them, a bizarre word that’s half one word half another but manages to capture the meaning of both.   Today we learn the proper name to call them – a portmanteau. These little gems sprung from the … Continue reading

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Fun Friday – Educated Puns

Continuing in the grand tradition that is Fun Friday I have yet another list of puns.   These are some of the best that I’ve seen to date. The roundest knight at King Arthur’s round table was Sir Cumference. He acquired … Continue reading

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Friday Fun: Spoonerisms Revisited

Click here for original Spoonerism post Alright all you readers out there – now it’s time for some fun! A spoonerism is where the first syllables of words get mixed for a humorous result. Example:  Tease my ears (Ease my … Continue reading

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