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Elevator Pitching to Relatives

Not many people outside of the internet know that writing is what I do to stay sane.  This weekend a close member of my family asked what the book I’m writing is all about. My reply went something like this: … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo Is Coming!

Although it sounds like some sort of anime creature like Domo or Pikachu, NaNoWriMo is nothing of the sort.  National November Writing Month is a chance for writers to hold a writing marathon. The goal? To craft a 50,000 word … Continue reading

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Writing Fantasy: The Creation of Magic

Magic, the mystical element of fantasy writing, can add incredible beauty and power to a story and take it from the mundane to the divine.   When done well it is an asset to any work of writing, but done … Continue reading

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A Writing Epiphany at Last!

A few days ago I had an epiphany that will tighten up my opening chapters, however applying that idea is going to take extensive reworking of what I have written.  I’m hoping I can work on the rewrite while continuing … Continue reading

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Writing a Fantasy Novel: The Basic Steps

So, you want to write a fantasy novel and you think you have a great idea? Now what? Do you sit down and start writing chapter one? You could. Do you create elaborate timelines, charts, character profiles, and maps? Perhaps. … Continue reading

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