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Fat, Juicy, Unique Details

As writers we all strive to compose vivid, dynamic scenes that stick with the reader long after they close the book.  Scenes  created so well that they allow the reader to escape space and time and enter into another world.  … Continue reading

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The Terrible Price We Pay

Before I could drive, my mother would take me to the library to pick out a stack of books for the week.  During the short drive home it was almost impossible to keep from opening the first and diving in.  … Continue reading

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Meet the Characters

It’s time to start disclosing some juicy manuscript tidbits!  Today we will meet a few of the secondary cast members featured in my manuscript. First we meet Bremin, portrayed here by Jeremy Irons.  He works as an informant to the … Continue reading

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Writing Fantasy: The Creation of Magic

Magic, the mystical element of fantasy writing, can add incredible beauty and power to a story and take it from the mundane to the divine.   When done well it is an asset to any work of writing, but done … Continue reading

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