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Working with Reflexive Emotions

Yesterday morning I woke up tired, I’m not really a morning person to begin with but this was above and beyond your usual closet-variety tired.  This was the coming down with a cold, three nights of insomnia, sleep interrupted by … Continue reading

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Writing the Iceberg

  There’s a meme floating around the writing world that shows a picture of an iceberg.  It labels the top part, “The Movie” and the bottom part, “The Book.” Icebergs, and indeed all ice, share the phenomenon where most of … Continue reading

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Music to Soothe the Savage Me

Let’s be honest for a few minutes.  There are times when we just get flat-out angry with the world.  For some this anger is pent-up with each new offense; when finally released it has the power to level cities.  For … Continue reading

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