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Pt 3 Creating Fictional Rites and Rituals

The debut of this presentation is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at the League of Utah Writers 2018 Spring Conference. This is the third part in the three-part series “Creating Fictional Rites and Rituals.” Here are handy links to the other … Continue reading

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Things that Inspire – Pinterest

The digital world is full of different ways to share and communicate with friends, family, and complete strangers.  My newest favorite way to explore new ideas is through Pinterest, one of the new kids in social networking. In a nutshell, … Continue reading

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Writing with your nose

Smell.  It’s everywhere we go.  It keeps us safe, helps us remember, it finds the goodies in the kitchen.  Yet, how often do we use this sense in writing? For the most part, thinking of a story as a series … Continue reading

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Fat, Juicy, Unique Details

As writers we all strive to compose vivid, dynamic scenes that stick with the reader long after they close the book.  Scenes  created so well that they allow the reader to escape space and time and enter into another world.  … Continue reading

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3D Modeling with Sketch Up 8

We are in the process of finishing the basement.  The part that excites me the most is that one of the rooms will be a dedicated office space.  My personal office space.  At the moment my work area is also … Continue reading

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El Tango de Roxanne

Timeless movies are the fruits of master storytelling.  Consider the movie Moulin Rouge which takes the traditional tragic romance to new heights using rich visuals, great music, and subtle (and not so subtle) foreshadowing. Here’s the basic story: Christian, a … Continue reading

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Discussion: Real vs. Imaginary Settings

After creating characters and piecing together a great story, the next important step is creating a believable setting.  Since I usually work in fantasy, I’ve never had to face the problem of using a real setting versus a created one.  … Continue reading

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ANWA 2011 Class Review – Part 1

There were six sessions of classes during the Saturday classes, each block with two or three choices to attend.  I chose the classes that would help me the most with completing my novel and being ready to enter the world … Continue reading

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Sword Anatomy 101 Challenge Answers

Last week we talked about sword vocabulary, the post was ended with a challenge section where you were asked to identify different swords.  Did you come up with the same answers?  Let’s see! Sword #1 – William Wallace  Highland Claymore … Continue reading

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Sword Anatomy 101

If you write fantasy epics, Arthurian tales, pirate stories, or Medieval historical fiction – chances are that somewhere in the story a sword will come into play.  Being familiar with the vocabulary is the first step to writing sword fight … Continue reading

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