Writerly Quote – Holly Gerth


“Be courageous and try to write in a way that scares you a little” – Holley Gerth

When it comes to putting words on the page, finding the right ones that will engage the reader and make your story compelling and vibrant can be a huge challenge. Ofttimes we as writers know what needs to be said, or what angle needs to be used, but we hold back because walking into that area of our minds scares us a little.  I’m not talking about writing things that are immoral or distasteful, although it takes courage to write that as well. I’m talking about the things that bring us pain or forces us to relive a part of our lives that we would rather forget.

Everyone has raw emotions about past events, things that are too difficult to face head on so instead they are tucked away into our subconscious with the hopes that they will all be forgotten. Pulling these experiences forward and facing them while we work on bringing our fiction to life is often enough to daunt even the bravest writer.

Do it anyway.

Writing that comes from reliving real experiences, especially hard ones, is some of the best writing there is out there. It also is an effective way to face those demons of the past and conquer them.


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