Posted by: Jodi | September 17, 2014

Writerly Quote of the Day – Asimov

Asimov quote“Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers” – Isaac Asimov

In Hamlet, Shakespeare said “brevity is the soul of wit.” Today, and quite possibly for the next unforeseen future, I will be brief. It turns out that blogging, especially when you are working hard to create new and unique material on a regular basis, takes hoards of time.  That’s time that I don’t have, and to be honest, haven’t had from the beginning.  I will continue to post here on Wednesdays but the posts are going to be shorter for the most part. (I am a novelist at heart, writing short can be a challenge).

Why the change? It keeps being pointed out to me that I spend more time on the blog than on my fiction. If I put the same effort into my novel it might actually get finished.  Also, cue the happy dance, I received my first official acceptance letter telling me that one of my short fiction pieces won a place in the 2015 Fantasy Anthology by Xchyler Publishing. Receiving this validation has kickstarted me out of the rut that I’ve been stuck in and now it’s time to get out there and get the work done.



  1. I believe we are only vessels, the ideas are out there waiting to be grabbed and indeed our fingers move to their beat. Enjoy your beat, write your stories!! And of course, congrats on the acceptance letters. Rejection can be so silent!! Enjoy. x

    • Thank you for the kind words, indeed when the stories flow there is no better feeling in the world!

  2. Best wishes on getting the work done. You’re a great writer and no doubt will accomplish great things. Congratulations on your short fiction place in the 2015 Fantasy Anthology.

    • Now if I can convince the littles to cooperate with this grand plan we’d be set!

  3. Hemingway and Steinbeck never had to say, “Do I spend too much time blogging?” Perhaps this advice from The Experts about a social Media presence is BS.

    • I have mixed feelings about social media. Ive talked to several publishers that say having a social media presence isn’t nearly as important as having a good story to tell. That said they all want their authors to have some form of it once they are trying to market their work.

      • I’ve always found it odd that I have to promote myself without a product (unless I am the product, in which case I have my work cut out for me).

  4. Congratulations! And you’re right about how blogging becomes a time drain.

    • I’m super excited! Now I’m eager to get to work on other projects to submit.


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