Posted by: Jodi | September 10, 2014

The Science of Creepy

Musee_de_la_bible_et_Terre_Sainte_001I saw this terrific Youtube video about creepiness and thought it was perfect to share, especially now that Halloween decorations have hit the shelves and submissions for scary stories are coming due.  If you have a WIP you are trying to make scarier then this is required watching!  Should you be so inclined, you can also check out the random horror story I wrote a while ago for the Deadly Love, Be Mine anthology (You’ll have to scroll down to find it, dang pdf).

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  1. Great points!

  2. I thought this post was going to be about the mouth breather that works on the 4th floor of my office building.

    • Indirectly it was totally talking about him – he has a secret mask fetish.

      • He likes to stare in the elevator, especially if it’s just him and one other person.

        • Shudder.


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