Posted by: Jodi | January 29, 2014

Orson Scott Card’s “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy”

158297103x.01.lzzzzzzzAlthough it say’s it’s for writers of science fiction and fantasy, I’ve found enough gems inside this book that it’s worth sharing with all my fellow writers.  Orson Scott Card, author of the award winning “Ender’s Game” and many other fabulous books, is a master of creating stories that are not only entertaining but also make the reader think about the ideas and concepts for years after.

This book discusses the importance of developing all aspects of a story.  As expected there are several long sections about the does and don’ts of writing science fiction and fantasy which are crucial for any writer of speculative fiction.  And then once you get past that there is a brilliant discussion on the MICE quotient, MICE standing for milieu, idea, character, and event.

Card discusses these different ideas in detail, and how to use them to improve your story.  This discussion is worth the price of the book, as one of the leading causes for a story to fail is when a writer starts with one type of story but gets lost along the way and ends it as a different type of story.  

Also in the book are insightful looks on the process of writing, giving characters that needed depth, and bringing stories to publication.

I highly recommend it!



  1. Thanks, I’ll look this one up.

  2. You are a blessED saint for posting this.

  3. Sounds fantastic – thanks so much, I’ll be looking at this one 😉

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