Fuzzy Bunnies, Part III

School starts this week, and let’s just say things have been a little crazy! Today’s post is, once again, brought to you by my preferred filler material. Fuzzy Bunnies!


Bunny kiss


Oh nooos! I felled over!


Waiting for someone to say “Peek a Boo!”


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4 Responses to Fuzzy Bunnies, Part III

  1. quiall says:

    love the fuzzy bunnies!

  2. You can never get enough fuzzy bunnies.

  3. gpattridge says:

    Growing up I raised these fuzzy creatures, entered them in county fairs. Now I live in a neighborhood where the ecosystem has lost its balance with an overrun of the little fellas. They have eaten most of the flowers and destroyed sections of lawn. I still smile though as they innocently sit, watching my every move.

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