Posted by: Jodi | February 5, 2013

Quote by Virginia Woolf

I had a brilliant plan to post this on my newly renovated Facebook page and then link it to my Pinterest page as a great way of bringing people over to “like” my page.  Sadly, Facebook and Pinterest are not friends and will not play nice together.   WordPress, however, plays well with others and only rarely runs with scissors.  I will use it to my advantage.   If you’re still reading, come on over and “like”  my Facebook author page.   Pretty please 🙂




  1. I’m not on Facebook. I still like you, though.


    • I like you too Eric!

  2. Lol!! You are hilarious, girl! I’m goin’ over to “like” your page right now. Beautiful quoate btw.

    • And my earlier reply got eaten by the Ipad – dang technology, can’t live without it and can’t trust it. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Deep quote!

  4. “Write a little every day, without hope, without despair.” ~ Karen Blixen

    I like! 😉

    • That’s terrific – thanks for sharing!

      • Most welcome! 😉


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