Posted by: Jodi | September 24, 2012

Ball Dropping

Just when I thought I had a handle on life with three young kids, maintaining the house, writing a novel, and staying sane I realized I totally spaced out on today’s post.  As I type my youngest is hunting for power cords and is really mad at me for not letting him chew on them.  He’s already tested the carbon monoxide detector. My ears are still ringing.

If you still crave something fun to read, I recommend the posts over at

Happy Writing!



  1. Well, hopefully your fourth child will be easier to handle. ))

    • Har de har har. I make crazy ones, that’s for sure. Three is it for our family. Any more and I might not make it!

  2. i can barely handle 2 kids and going back to college at 42

    • Hooray for college! May you find inspiration and further enrichment of your life. That said, kiss your free time goodbye. Good luck!


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