Posted by: Jodi | September 17, 2012

Sometimes Opposites Do Attract

Phineas and FerbI’ve had a little song stuck in my head for the last few weeks and although it’s catchy I’m beginning to get annoyed.  I wish I could say that it was by one of my favorite artists but the truth is that’s it’s from a kids TV show.  One of our families new favorites is Phineas and Ferb.  It’s cute, clever, and secretly written for adults.

The song is from an episode where a cute alien named Meap and Phineas, Ferb, and their friends have to defeat Big Mitch, another alien from the same planet.  On this planet cuteness is what counts, the cutest has all the power.  Everything on this planet is rainbows, fluffy clouds, and adorable big-headed aliens.

This is where our theme comes in, here on a cute planet they have to rally the troops and go to war.  Normally cute and war would never really work but somehow in this scenario it does.  The two ideas forced together create a bizarre balance that strikes a chord with the audience.  Not only is it entertaining, it’s hard to forget.

Here’s the writing exercise – First, think of two ideas that would normally never be together.  Then, create a scenario however far-fetched where the two ideas have to exist and somehow make sense.

Want to go the extra mile?  Share your idea below!

Need some inspiration?  Here’s the little song that’s been stuck in my head:



  1. Funny! My little two year old grandson loves Dora. His parents only let him have a few minutes tv time so it’s a treat when I have him and let him watch to his little heart’s content. (grandmother’s secret lol)

  2. Sigh

  3. We try to limit TV time around here, but it is so tempting to stick the kiddos in front of something when I’ve got lots to do! My girl has liked Dora on and off over the years – personally I’m not a fan.

  4. Not at all sad that my son has outgrown those shows. Yikes. I still have Barney songs stuck in my head from 8 years ago.

    If you really want to get this writing exercise cooking, you tell us what the two elements have to be. Make us cringe.

    One of my writing professors in college gave us the assignment of using Madonna lyrics to refute the thematic message of Animal Farm, via essay (or something close to that). You want to see some sighs and eye rolls?

    • OUCH. I can’t even begin to think of a Madonna/Animal Farm mix. As for the writing exercise I’m stuck. Some of the easy and obvious combos seem lame. Beauty/evil, pain/love, terror/Barney… Nothing has really rung my bell yet.

      • Terror and Barney are not opposites! I still have nightmares.


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