Writer Mom Comic “Interrupted” (Kind of…)

Months ago I started work on the next installation of the Writer Mom comic.  I spent a few hours penciling and inking and was almost done and ready to post.  Then I did the unthinkable – I put it in a safe place until I could find time to finish. I had all intentions of finishing it and posting it today but, you guessed it, I can’t find it anywhere.


So here is the next best thing to my somewhat shoddy original art, a photoshop mashup!

How many times has this happened? You’re in the zone, working on something that you think has some real power.  Your fingers can hardly keep up with the great images spilling out of your brain.  Then, an interruption.  In my case it’s almost always someone short and sweet that wants something hopefully equally short and sweet.

Not likely.

Two hours (or days, or weeks, in my case) later you return only to find that the magic is gone, the fire is out, and the muse has quit.  And you’ve forgotten where you’ve put your little scrap of paper as well.

I’d like to say I have advice for you.  Truth is whether you have kids or not there will be interruptions, you will lose your train of thought, and this whole writing business will get a bit tedious.  Keep going.  There is no substitution for constant, consistent, work.

Happy Writing!


About Jodi

Jodi L. Milner is a writer, mandala enthusiast, and educator. Her epic fantasy novel, Stonebearer’s Betrayal, was published in November 2018 and rereleased in Jan 2020. She has been published in several anthologies. When not writing, she can be found folding children and feeding the laundry, occasionally in that order.
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4 Responses to Writer Mom Comic “Interrupted” (Kind of…)

  1. I can’t tell you how many things I’ve lost.
    No. Really. I can’t.
    I can’t remember them.

  2. Cute photos. How did you manage the bear and the button???

    • Tsuchigari says:

      I have this fantasic program that works like photoshop where you can clip, erase, and blend aspects of existing photos. For the bear and button I pasted the bear over the man and then pasted a button under his paw. To remove the rest of the man and his sword I used a tool that copies tiny chunks of the existing picture and moves them over to cover what I don’t want seen! It takes some getting used to, but it’s a lot of fun.

  3. Palewriter says:

    The best part is when, the next time you’re moving, you find all these little bits of paper tucked into strange places. The solution that works for me is to move away from bits of paper, and try to stick with a series of small notebooks. There’s almost always one handy when I’m having a genius moment.

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