Posted by: Jodi | September 30, 2011

Book Review: “Another Bad-Dog Book…” by Joni B. Cole

Earlier this year I had the chance to interview author and writing teacher Joni B. Cole about her book for writers, Toxic Feedback (click here if you missed it).  It received such a good response from readers here at My Literary Quest Joni has asked me to review her latest book; Another Bad-Dog Book, Tales of Life Love and Other Neurotic Human Behavior, which will officially hit the shelves this next Tuesday, October 4th.

Contrary to its title, this is not another personal narrative about the misadventures of a dog, thank heavens.  It is more an intimate look at the life of a woman who searches for the balance between her roles of professional writer, mother, dog owner, and trusted friend.  The book is written as a collection of short essays that range anywhere from giggle-inducing to tugging-at-the-heart-strings touching, making it perfect for those short getaway readings during busy days.

As a fellow writer, mom, and dog lover, reading this book was like stepping into a comfortable pair of shoes, welcoming and familiar.  I personally identified with many of the anecdotes shared and often found myself laughing along with Joni as she discovered new truths.  Although it would have deepened the reading experience had I known Joni personally,  I found it a pleasure to read and well written.

Joni can be found at her website .

Another Bad Dog Book can be pre-ordered anywhere books are sold and at the following online retailers:


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  1. Thank for this review. I think it captures the book better than mine at

    I found Joni on your site when you reviewed “Toxic Feedback” and am glad I did. I have found her books both enlightening and inspirational. Thank you for spreading the word.

    I include these other links for those readers who want more information on Joni Cole, an excellent author.

  2. Sounds like a fun transition-into-fall read.

    • Hi Nancy, I hope you like the book. I’d love it if you let me know your thoughts after you read it. Connecting with readers is one of the most satisfying parts of publishing a book! Warm wishes, Joni

  3. Jodi, Thanks for the thoughtful review of Another Bad-Dog Book! (And Clar, thank you for your nice words, too.) I love your dual focus on book reviews, but also the writing process. I never get tired of learning how writers craft their stories and find inspiration during the adventure of writing a book or capturing any of our stories on the page. Write on!.

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