It seems like forever since I’ve written a personal update here on the blog and the very act seems awkward.  My inner editor is having a heyday telling me how lame everything sounds.  And he’s right, it does.  I spent the last twenty minutes writing random tidbits only to delete them.  I mean, who wants to hear about yet another writer that can’t get their act together to keep working towards finishing a debut novel?  Not me, that’s for sure.

But that is what has been happening.  I’ve been avoiding working on my book because I know that when I start rewrites and revisions that it will be another 3-4 months or more of daily commitment that I’m not sure I can handle.

I’m not completely in the weeds – I did manage to sit down for a while last week and spend time writing out new scenes that attacked me while I was not actively working. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to get those creative wheels turning and typing once again.  It’s like the whole apparatus needs a good oiling and perhaps a nice bowl of chocolate chips.

For Summer, if I’m going to get anything done, I’ll have to come up with some brilliant ways to have the kiddos entertain themselves so I can find a few chunks of time to work when I’m not exhausted.  Waiting for the end of the day when they are in bed hasn’t been working so well.  It’s hard to write when you fall asleep at the keyboard.

Oh, by the way, my winning entry for the Hostage Hilarity flash fiction contest has been posted over at  Go check it out if you need a laugh.


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7 Responses to Musings…

  1. Jodi, I trust you’ll find the time to write, your book is good, and it calls to be finished.
    Followed the link and enjoyed your story!

    • tsuchigari says:

      Glad you liked it, I don’t get to do much real world writing – it was a nice change. School is officially out now and I’ve got a whole pile of long days ahead of me to fill. Wish me luck! It’ll get done, I need to come to grips with it taking much longer than I originally planned.

  2. You should never have read my blog entries over the weekend, including today’s! You might think your post is up to your general erudition, but trust me – it is at least intelligiblr. That’s something I haven’t managed to do in three days so far!

    I believe your writing angst will disappear soon, and your novel will soon be making its way from your mind through your hands to the keyboard and onyo the screen. I can’t wait to read it!

    • I just reread this comment and discovered numerous typos – shows you how well I was doing that day!

      It should read,
      1. “. . .your post isn’t up to your. . .”
      2. “intelligible”
      3. “onto”

      • tsuchigari says:

        I promise I’m not giggling at you, well … maybe a little. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to go back and edit things because my fingers wouldn’t behave!

  3. Michael Knudsen says:

    Don’t give up! You CAN be a writer and a wife and mother and everything else. These are all roles and some demand more time and energy than others at different times, but the important thing is not to lose sight of any of them. ANYTHING you do daily contributes and should be seen as progress.

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