11 Responses to Interview with Joni B. Cole

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Joni,

    Have you ever heard of GoodReads.com? If you want reviews before publication & you have a couple advanced copies you can give away, thousands of people will vie for the privilege of reading & reviewing the book.

    Or I would love to read it… 🙂

    Your story inspires me to get more writing done & get that positive feedback.

  2. clarbojahn says:

    I would love to read also and be happy to do a review on my blog and an interview with you. My blog is eclectic and covers a lot of ground. See it at http://clarbojahn.wordpress.com/. I will also be willing to talk your book up at my writers group. Please email me at Cbowmanjahn at yahoo dot com. Clar

  3. clarbojahn says:

    You can read two interviews with author Bobbi Carducci on my blog. The first on 10/31/11 and the second on 5/5/11. Thanks , Clar

  4. Paula says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the interview, your book is very valuable to writers of all kinds! Hopefully I’m not too late in requesting a review copy to feature on my poetry resource blog, Poet Hound 😉

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  6. garyrobson says:

    Nice timing! You showed up as a Twitter follower, and I came over to look at your blog mere moments after I made a blog post about some outstanding feedback I received last week.
    I just edited my post to link over to this one.
    -=- Gary -=-

  7. tsuchigari says:

    I’m so glad that there was such a great turn out for this interview. Heather, Clarbojahn, and Paula, if you end up doing a review or interview let me know and I will gladly link to it!

    Gary! I’m so glad that you found the post at such a good time – thanks for sharing with your readers!

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