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Quickly Quotable #59 – Sleep

The bed is a bundle of paradoxes:  we go to it with reluctance, yet we quit it with regret; we make up our minds every night to leave it early, but we make up our bodies every morning to keep it late.  ~Charles Caleb Colton

Consciousness:  that annoying time between naps.  ~Author Unknown

Insomnia is a gross feeder.  It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking.  ~Clifton Fadiman

The repose of sleep refreshes only the body.  It rarely sets the soul at rest.  The repose of the night does not belong to us.  It is not the possession of our being.  Sleep opens within us an inn for phantoms.  In the morning we must sweep out the shadows.  ~Gaston Bachelard

How do people go to sleep?  I’m afraid I’ve lost the knack.  I might try busting myself smartly over the temple with the night-light.  I might repeat to myself, slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound; if I can remember any of the damn things.  ~Dorothy Parker

A flock of sheep that leisurely pass by
One after one; the sound of rain, and bees
Murmuring; the fall of rivers, winds and seas,
Smooth fields, white sheets of water, and pure sky –
I’ve thought of all by turns, and still I lie
~William Wordsworth, “To Sleep”

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  1. Love thesequotes! They remind me of “The Insomniac;s Prayer” that I wrote last fall:

    Dear Lord:
    The night is quickly fading, now day is drawing nigh,
    And for not one single second
    Has sleep closed either eye,
    Throughout the hours from dusk to dawn.
    With neither snore nor drowsy yawn
    Did anything resembling sleep –
    No cat-nap even tried to creep
    Up on me, like a silent thief!
    Nor brought with it that sweet relief
    for aching body, tired mind –
    Naught of respite, any kind!
    So now I sit upon my bed,
    Not dreaming, but awake, instead.
    Please God: help me to repair
    My ragged, raveled sleeve of care.
    Find someone else to count these sheep –
    I really need to get some sleep!

    (BTW – I still need to get some sleep. . .)

    • Of all my readers I thought you would appreciate these sleep quotes the most, whenever I have a bad night I’m thankful that it’s not a regular occurrence. I love your poetry!

      • Appears that I am the only one who did appreciate them. . .the rest of your readers were asleep! 😀


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