Quickly Quotable #36 – Julia Child

“The measure of achievement is not winning awards. It’s doing something that you appreciate, something you believe is worthwhile. I think of my strawberry souffle. I did that at least twenty-eight times before I finally conquered it.”

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”

“I don’t think about whether people will remember me or not. I’ve been an okay person. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve taught people a thing or two. That’s what’s important.”

“Non-cooks think it’s silly to invest two hours’ work in two minutes’ enjoyment; but if cooking is evanescent, so is the ballet.”


Julia Child

  • Born: 15 August 1912
  • Birthplace: Pasadena, California
  • Died: 12 August 2004
  • Best Known As: American TV chef and cookbook author

Name at birth: Julia McWilliams

In the late 1940s Julia Child began studying French cooking while living in Paris. During the 1950s she co-founded a cooking school, L’Ecole des Trois Gourmandes, and with her partners began working on a cookbook. In 1961 Mastering the Art of French Cooking was published, and its success helped launch a cooking show on PBS television. Unflappable and droll, she shared her passion for food with American TV audiences for half a century. Child authored several books and won numerous awards around the world, and is often credited with having improved American culinary habits.

Child was played by Meryl Streep in the 2009 movie Julie and Julia… During World War II she worked for the Office of Strategic Services, the forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency. She was stationed in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) and China.

Quotes Courtesy of FamousQuotesandAuthors.com

Biography courtesy of Answers.com


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11 Responses to Quickly Quotable #36 – Julia Child

  1. She is one of the most influential people in my life, and I often think about how she would act (WWJD – What Would JULIA Do?), if faced with some of the kitchen disasters I have faced – particularly recently! (See my blog posts, “Here’s the thing. . .(Parts 1-5) Like I am, she was a large tall woman, and I always desired to be able to be so without being “ashamed” of it! She always seemed to be so happy in her own skin, which is a behavior I try to emulate.

    Thanks for this wonderful trip to Julia-land. May we all become a bit more “Child”-like!

  2. Well done, Jodi. An excellent look into Julia.

  3. nrhatch says:

    I love Julia Child and you’ve captured her essence with these quotes!

    She was too busy doing what she loved to be self-conscious about what others thought of her efforts.


  4. RaShelle says:

    Julia understands. If you enjoy cooking, it isn’t work, it’s part of the pleasure. =D

  5. An acquaintance of mine worked in the convalescent home where Julia Childs spent her last years. She was kind enough to get me an autographed copy of “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.” She was a great lady.

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