Posted by: Jodi | October 4, 2010

Oxymorons are Among Us!

In light of having a very unrestful weekend (stomach flu, blech), I’m letting the wonderful web bring you a touch of humor.

Oxymorons are figures of speech normally composed of a pair of neighboring contradictory words. These are often used for dramatic or humorous impact.

Here are some popular true oxymorons:

open secret larger half clearly confused
act naturally alone together Hell’s Angels
found missing liquid gas civil engineer
deafening silence seriously funny living dead
Microsoft Works military intelligence jumbo shrimp
Advanced BASIC tragic comedy unbiased opinion
virtual reality definite maybe original copies
pretty ugly same difference plastic glasses
almost exactly constant variable even odds
minor crisis extinct life genuine imitation
exact estimate only choice freezer burn
free love working holiday rolling stop

Here are some favorites that readers sent to the  Fun-with-Words site

Great Depression free trade peacekeeper missile
sweet tart crash landing now then
butt head sweet sorrow student teacher
silent scream taped live alone together
good grief tight slacks living dead
near miss light tanks old news
hot chili criminal justice peace force

Know any more great oxymorons? Add them in the comments!
Have a great week.

Happy Writing!

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  1. Love them! Thanks. 🙂

  2. ))

  3. Two oxymorons that have always bothered me are “freezer burn” and “religious intolerance”. Oh, and I love it when someone says “Remember, you’re very unique…Just like everyone else!”

    • Religious intolerance? Is that really an oxymoron?

    • Not sure if religious intolerance counts but freezer burn sure does! There is also the rhetorical question ‘why do we park on a driveway but drive on a parkway?’

  4. Great list, Jo.

    Feel better.

    • Feeling much better, thanks. It was the two sick kiddos that really wore me out. They are fine now, albeit whiny (what’s new?).

  5. We’re both feeling unwell today. Let’s hope we get back to our normal selves.

    Spot the oxymoron above 🙂

    • Normal selves – total oxymoron. We wouldn’t be here if we were “normal.”

  6. Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Ha ha! I can’t think of any more oxymorons to add to that list, I’m afraid. Great post and photo!

    • Thanks for stopping by!


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