Posted by: Jodi | September 19, 2010

Quickly Quoteable #25 – “Flylady” Marla Cilley

“None of us have enough time, yet we all have the same amount. It is time that we quit whining about this and accept that we can’t get it all done and just do what we can.”

“Not every paper is a keepsake, believe it or not. If you save everything, that diminishes the value of those special ones. They get lost in the clutter.”

“Life is too short to dwell on what doesn’t get done. Celebrate what you do every day and start fresh each morning.”

“Progress, not perfection.”

“Many of you are searching for the magic pill that is going to change your life and your home…The trouble with a magic pill is that it doesn’t work unless you take it.”

Marla Cilley, aka the FlyLady, is mentor to hundreds of thousands of women around the globe through a mentoring system she started in 1999 on the Internet. The author of Sink Reflections, she lives in North Carolina.

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Learn more about Marla and her mentoring system, click here!



  1. Wow. Good choice. How easy it is to beat ourselves up for things we didn’t get done, and how easy to assign greatness to those undone things. “If only I’d done ______ I would have been a huge success.” What a trap!

    • I’ve been a “Flybaby” for a few years now and I can’t tell you how liberating it is to be able to give myself permission not to feel guilty about things that are not under my control. I recommend it to anyone, not just for home organization, but for a more stress free, orderly life.

  2. As we are considering putting our farmhouse on the market in order to purchase an historic home in dire need of restoration, we are confronted with the clutter we need to get rid of and/or clear out in order to show our house to its best advantage. The task seems overwhelming at times, but you just have to go at it steadily. Great quotes! Thanks, Jodi!

    • Oh how I understand what you are going through. We have made several major moves over the last few years and having to sort through everything can be overwhelming.

      Flylady says, “You can do anything for 15 minutes!”

      I take it to heart, set a timer, and dig in knowing that when the timer goes off I’m done for a while.

  3. Nothing like good old fashioned common sense. Especially “progress, not perfection.” If we could all internalize that we could vanquish a lot of stress.

    • I have that one on a post it behind my computer screen. When I start to freeze up while writing I have to stop and remind myself that I don’t have to achieve perfection the first draft!

  4. Thanks for these!

  5. Marla sounds wise, wise, wise!

    Love the graphic. She’s a super fly!

    • She’s got a great story, the Flylady icon came from her AOL screen name of all things because she loved fly fishing. Now FLY stands for “Finally loving yourself.” Something we all should remember to do!


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