Am I Editing, Revising, or Rewriting? (via Cassandra Jade in the Realm)

The vacation is going splendid, the kids are having a terrific time and we’ve been able to do all the different fun things planned without a single tantrum!

For the blog today I would like to share a post by Cassandra Jade. She wrote a great piece on her blog that sums up exactly what I needed to hear at this point in my writing. Her novel “Deaths Daughter” was recently published and she has a lot of great advice. Enjoy!

Sometimes it is difficult to know. What starts out as a simple search and destroy for typos can suddenly become a revision of a clumsy scene which can soon morph into an entire rewrite of an act of a novel. I think the problem here comes from not being able to focus on only one aspect of the writing at a time. For me, I like to start with the big stuff and work my way down to the small. While I'll correct typing errors as I see them and move punc … Read More

via Cassandra Jade in the Realm


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3 Responses to Am I Editing, Revising, or Rewriting? (via Cassandra Jade in the Realm)

  1. oldancestor says:

    Good link. Thanks. It’s always interesting to learn of people’s processes.

    • tsuchigari says:

      Like with Nancy’s post on Monday, this post caught my attention. I have the bad habit of changing my mind and having to throw out huge chunks of writing. If I had only gone through the whole thing after the first draft and decided on all the changes beforehand it would have saved me lots of time!

  2. cassim says:

    glad that you are having a good vacation.

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