Change is Nature

Dearest readers,

It’s time for a change.  I’ve been spending too much time fighting to get the daily post out and not nearly enough time working on my manuscript.  For the next while I will be posting only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and still do Sunday’s “Quickly Quotable”.  I hope none of you are too terribly disappointed, this is a good thing.  I will have the time I need to pursue my primary goal of finishing writing/editing/revising my book and the blog will still see the best of my ideas.

Happy Writing!


About Jodi

I'm an aspiring novelist working in fantasy and suspense, for now. I also have two pretty awesome blogs! and
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16 Responses to Change is Nature

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re cutting back. It isn’t as though I don’t understand, though. ))

    Good luck on the novel!

  2. cindy says:

    I completely understand, best of luck and I look forward to reading when you do manage to post.

  3. Paula says:

    I suppose I should say I understand, so I will…I understand…*sigh*

  4. nrhatch says:

    Good for you, Jodi!

    We become fractionalized and splintered when we have too many pans in the fire at one time.

    Writing a novel requires a sustained push in a single direction with as few diversions as possible.

    We’ll be monitoring and rush round when you do have a chance to post!


  5. Lulu says:

    as long as it helps you focus on what’s the most important thing:-)
    Good luck!

  6. cubbageg says:

    Heck, I couldn’t even do three days a week if I didn’t sprinkle it liberally with personal anecdotes or humorous links. Kudos to you for all the work so far, and all the work to come.

  7. oldancestor says:

    It can be tough to keep a blog going seven days a week, especially when you have other responsibilities and ambitions.

    Get cracking on that novel!

  8. Mohit says:

    Good luck Eagerly waiting for your novel

  9. Agatha82 says:

    I don’t blame you, I hardly have time to blog myself at the moment because of finishing my final draft. Good luck with the novel writing!

  10. karen lee thompson says:

    Good move. Every day is just too much when you have a manuscript to concentrate on.

  11. salubriousdish says:

    I’d do the same thing if my blog was as good as yours. 🙂

  12. tsuchigari says:

    Thanks to everyone for stopping by, cutting back is the right decision. Even after a one day break I can feel my stress level becoming manageable again. Your kind words and support mean the world to me.

  13. oldancestor says:

    So did you finish it yet?

    You had a whole day!


    • tsuchigari says:

      Har de har har. Very funny. My goal now is to be finished and approaching agents before my hubby finishes his MBA – that gives me a little more than a year. Of course I might need some test readers before then…

      • oldancestor says:

        Somehow I think you’ll have a lot of volunteers.

        I’m agent hunting right now (just had my manuscript read… and rejected by one of my most desired agents. She emailed me this past Tuesday. **cries again**).

        Perhaps you will be spared that crushing experience.

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