Posted by: Jodi | June 23, 2010

Change is Nature

Dearest readers,

It’s time for a change.  I’ve been spending too much time fighting to get the daily post out and not nearly enough time working on my manuscript.  For the next while I will be posting only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings and still do Sunday’s “Quickly Quotable”.  I hope none of you are too terribly disappointed, this is a good thing.  I will have the time I need to pursue my primary goal of finishing writing/editing/revising my book and the blog will still see the best of my ideas.

Happy Writing!



  1. Sorry to hear that you’re cutting back. It isn’t as though I don’t understand, though. ))

    Good luck on the novel!

  2. I completely understand, best of luck and I look forward to reading when you do manage to post.

  3. I suppose I should say I understand, so I will…I understand…*sigh*

  4. Good for you, Jodi!

    We become fractionalized and splintered when we have too many pans in the fire at one time.

    Writing a novel requires a sustained push in a single direction with as few diversions as possible.

    We’ll be monitoring and rush round when you do have a chance to post!


  5. as long as it helps you focus on what’s the most important thing:-)
    Good luck!

  6. Heck, I couldn’t even do three days a week if I didn’t sprinkle it liberally with personal anecdotes or humorous links. Kudos to you for all the work so far, and all the work to come.

  7. It can be tough to keep a blog going seven days a week, especially when you have other responsibilities and ambitions.

    Get cracking on that novel!

  8. Good luck Eagerly waiting for your novel

  9. I don’t blame you, I hardly have time to blog myself at the moment because of finishing my final draft. Good luck with the novel writing!

  10. Good move. Every day is just too much when you have a manuscript to concentrate on.

  11. I’d do the same thing if my blog was as good as yours. 🙂

  12. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, cutting back is the right decision. Even after a one day break I can feel my stress level becoming manageable again. Your kind words and support mean the world to me.

  13. So did you finish it yet?

    You had a whole day!


    • Har de har har. Very funny. My goal now is to be finished and approaching agents before my hubby finishes his MBA – that gives me a little more than a year. Of course I might need some test readers before then…

      • Somehow I think you’ll have a lot of volunteers.

        I’m agent hunting right now (just had my manuscript read… and rejected by one of my most desired agents. She emailed me this past Tuesday. **cries again**).

        Perhaps you will be spared that crushing experience.

  14. Nice Blog.


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