Posted by: Jodi | May 21, 2010

Friday Fun: Spoonerisms Revisited

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Alright all you readers out there – now it’s time for some fun!

A spoonerism is where the first syllables of words get mixed for a humorous result.

Example:  Tease my ears (Ease my tears)

This week’s Friday fun is another list of spoonerisms – this time you have to figure them out.

  • At the lead of spite
  • Hiss and lear
  • Go and shake a tower
  • Tease my ears
  • A lack of pies
  • It’s roaring with pain
  • Cat flap
  • Bad salad
  • Soap in your hole
  • Mean as custard
  • Plaster man
  • Pleating and humming
  • Trim your snow tail
  • Birthington’s washday
  • Trail snacks
  • Bottle in front of me
  • Sale of two titties
  • Rental Deceptionist
  • Flock of bats
  • Chewing the doors

If you get stuck send me a line!

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  1. Pretty sure I got them! Fun, and thanks for the laughs!

    • And thank YOU for commenting! Good to know when friends stop by.

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  3. Quite a collection.

    Enjoyed your posts this week. : )

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend.


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